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About Demi

Age: 39
Height: 167cm
Body Type: Curvy and Busty
Dress Size: Perfect 9 
Hair Colour: Brunette
Eye Colour: Hazel
Bust Size: 10E

Location: NORTH LAKES 4509 And Touring 

Hello Gentlemen and welcome to my profile,

My name is Demi Luxe; your beautiful late 30's Australian Sexy, Sultry and Experienced Companion. I have been a successful fixture in the adult industry for over a decade now and enjoy pleasing as much as receiving. Upon our first meeting you will find my face is warm and friendly, my eyes are piercing, and my smile is welcoming.

Your expectation of time with me will be of a high value and satisfaction and servicing is something that is very natural to me, I am very gifted in the art of human interaction and one of those few people that is comfortable with anyone in any setting.  You will be put at ease, feel very comfortable and will leave our interaction with a sense of new vitality.

The quality of client that suits the service I provide are discerning gentlemen over the age of 30 who are curious, insightful and emotionally intelligence in their own lives.  Real men who appreciate quality and substance and cherish fleeting moments with a sense of joy.  Someone who can enjoy lustful moments of passion and wonder, accompanied with a depth of conversation and humour that comes from mutual respect for one another.  Ultimately our time together is cherished and my goal is to exceed your expectations and to improve your present moment..

As I am fully present in our time together you will not see me taking photos to post on social media or parading the time spent together. I am very discreet and do not feel the need to boast.  If we are been completely honest social media is not really something I am good at because it lacks intimate connection.  I am 100% a lover of men only and prefer one on one interactions. I am selective of the company I keep as I am also creating moments along the way and am mindful also of my satisfaction in life.  Personally I live happily as a single woman with no distractions. 

My lifestyle of choosing is one of health and wellbeing. I maintain my body with clean eating and, gym training and nourishing my soul with learning and laughter. I always display manicured nails, smooth silky skin, clean healthy hairstyles and my fashion style is the right amount of sex appeal to elegance in ratio.  I love to wear clothes both to suit and flaunt my curves as I am a sexually confident woman that is very comfortable in her skin.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are looking for an undeniably unique and stunning woman to tame the beast inside you, I am super qualified in this area and as I mentioned previously through my old pseudonym, 80% of my past lovers were regular clients.

I am a very curious woman by nature, so my interests include an array of interests including Philosophy, History, Conspiracies, Integrative Health, Crypto currency, Quantum Physics and Self-development.  Anything that is positive, creative and passionate has my interest. 

Stay amazing,
Demi Luxe


“Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature.” Marilyn Monroe 


30 mins (GFE)...$300 

30 mins (First Class) ...$400

30 mins PLATINUM ...$500

45 mins (GFE) ... $400

45 min (First Class) ... $500

45 min PLATINUM ...$600

60 mins (GFE) ... $500

60 mins  (First Class) ... $600

60 mins PLATINUM ...$700

90 mins (GFE) ... 800

90 mins (First Class) ... 900

90 mins PLATINUM ... $1200

120 mins (GFE) ... 1000

120 mins (First Class) ... 1200

120 mins PLATINUM ... $1400

180 mins (GFE) ... 1500

180 mins (First Class) ... 1700

180 mins PLATINUM $2100

Dinner Dates 

4 hours (2 hours dining 2 hours playtime)
GFE ... 1500 / First Class ... 1700

6 hours (3 hours dining 3 hours playtime)
GFE ... 2200 / First Class ... 2500

8 hours (A clock free magical night)
GFE ... 3000 / First Class ... 3400



12-14 hours (1 Unrushed Orgasmic Overnight)
GFE ... $3400 / First Class ... $4300

24 hours (1 Full day and night of complete satisfaction)
GFE ... 4800 / First Class ... $5600

48 hours (2 Full Days of Fun, Loving and Celebration)
GFE ... 7000 / First Class ... $8000


Fly Me To You Available
This is a new service and I will have prices and packages soon.


*Please note Local Prices where I am based on the Sunshine Coast are different from Touring Prices, please check on the correct touring page to your location*

I am also accepting Cryptocurrency as form of payment now. 

The crypto wallets available for payment are: 
- Bitcoin
- Ethereum
- Chainlink
- Cardano


A couple of mentions:

  • Services are for Gentlemen 30 and over
  • Pricing is firm, please do not barter
  • Please pay cash upon arrival, bank transfer is also available 
  • Deposits are requested for 2 hours plus bookings
  • Please do not overstay your welcome; I am a very giving and kind person, however your appointment time is my business. Respect that.
  • Value my discretion as I value yours.
  • Please note I am drug /smoke free so please do not offer.
  • Enjoy me, I am a breath of fresh air, you will never leave disappointed, this is my promise to you.
  • Things I excel in:  kissing, Foreplay, Passion, Playfulness, O pleasure, Multiple positions, High Energy, 
  • Ask me for anything but do not be rude, you will find my service is way above my price grade. I have reasons for this excellent value.
  • Hygiene (dental included) is important for both of us to enjoy our time together. Please be clean and free of odour. Showering is also provided 


Prior to booking, please be sure to review my Deposit Policy below:


1. A deposit may asked for our time together. This dollar amount is made at the time of booking and requested to be made into my nominated business account before a confirmed appointment can be made. This will include your personal reference number for easy ID

2. Upon paying your deposit our time will be confirmed and the booking will take place with the remaining fee paid at arrival. 

3. If you the clients cancels for any reason with more than 48 hours notice I am happy to make this a credit for your next visit. If however less than 48 hours notice is given and my calendar has been organised because of my touring schedule around pre paid Bookings you will forfeit your deposit.

4. If myself for any reason is unable to make our time you are welcome to your deposit back within 48 hours. Please send your details and this will be refunded with a sincere apology.

5. I appreciate that sometimes ‘life’ happens from both parties so there is time on either side for notice with this policy. I can not honour deposit refunds for change of mind or because of any reason a few hours before. This is not fair on my business and I’m sure you would agree on any organised business selling their services and time. 

6. Shall you secure your time then harass me via text or phone continuously before our agreed time together I warrant the right to cancel our booking and you will forfeit your deposit. This includes multiple calls or requests and conversation that deem harassment. I will warn you with enough notice before this will occur. 

7. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


When you are ready to arrange our date, please fill in my reservation form below in its entirety.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Keep a watch on this page for my upcoming tours and latest availability!

I am doing my best to try and tour safely with all of the restrictions put in place.  If I postpone its because I have been restricted to travel to that location and I will try again in the not to distant future.

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